Monday, 25 May 2015

Canadian Battlefields 2015 tour summary: the Deventer Tattoo

After the parade in Wageningen, we attended the tattoo in Deventer. I may be partial, but I enjoyed the Canadian pipes and drums the most.
The best laugh of the night was earned by this Dutch band, performing in traditional garb -- though I'm not sure what was up with the guy in the dress.

 And the award for the highest degree of difficulty went to Crescendo, another Dutch band. Ever seen a marching band play while riding their bikes?


The tattoo ended with perhaps the most intense fireworks barrage I've ever seen. Deventer is not a large city, but they certainly rivalled anything you'll find in Ottawa on Canada Day. And the finale featured an incendiary "Thank You Veterans" display which made the spine tingle.

One often hears about the warmth of the Dutch welcome for Canadians. It was fantastic to witness it first hand. This was an experience I doubt anyone in our group will soon forget.

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